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First Down Laser Line to gain for NFL and College Football

Years ago a form of a First Down Laser system was introduced to the NFL and college football. It wasn't until today, in 2021, when the final developed safe and efficient United States Patent pending system, is finally available for their use.

The First-Down Green Laser Line To Gain is 53.3 yards across the field by 4" wide.

Lighting The Way To Accurate Instant Ball Placement, With A Visible on the playing field SAFE first-down line to gain.

First and 10 never had a visible line on the playing field, until today. Since the beginning of the invention of the great game of football, we always had a visible goal line, and visible out of bounds lines, but never had a visible first down line to gain. Now we do.

We are all used to watching football at home, seeing the much loved and needed yellow graphic first down line on the TV broadcast. That yellow line is not visible to the fans in the stadium, the players, the officials on the field and or the coaches.

The Problem:

Currently television viewers see the yellow graphic first down line to gain on TV while watching a game at home. However, the players, referees, coaches and fans in the stadium can not see that same visual aid. First-Down call failures presently cost the sport accuracy in ball placement, millions in wasted play and revenue time.

The Solution:

A SAFE visible first-down laser line 4 inches wide by 53.3 yards across the width of the entire playing field, projected right onto the field for all the coaches, players, referees and fans at home and in the stadium to see and use.

The five key elements our system brings to the NFL and College game of football:

1. Safer and easier for players to see first downs

2. 100% Accuracy and instant ball placement for the game and its referees

3. Enhance in-stadium Fan experience (line to gain) as seen at home

4. Will help to prevent spine, head, neck and concussion injuries

5. Shorten the overall game time

First-Down Laser line to gain - IN THE NEWS:





More information contact our CEO John Gilhurst -

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