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Updated: Feb 6, 2021

First downs, touch downs, fair catches and splitting the uprights on kicks are now all called accurately.

If any portion of the football touches the ground, breaks the first down line flag marker, (as continually moved & marked up and down the field, in the computer grid) or breaks any part of the goal line, it’s reported in real-time to the referee on the field, and the officials in the booth.

The inside covering of the football, is x thin line process painted 360 degrees with a no weight, no change of balance, safe radioactive like track-able material. Any portion of the ball is being tracked on the football field computer grid, to within 1/16th of inch accuracy. To coordinate with the Knee senor TM trackers on the players, the first down line to gain flag placement on each play, the goal line on the field and the goal posts for kicks.

c 2021 United States Patent pending First Down Laser Line

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