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The game is always on the line, literally and figuratively.

Then way count on an antiquated chain link, to measure for the most important distance gained on every play.

From chips in balls to use of lasers - US Patent #11,253,768 issued 2022

Football, as we know it today, is coming into the 21st century of technology. No longer using or augmenting the antiquated chain links to measure the most important of ball placement moments in the game. In comes a nine point real-time football officiating monitoring, reporting, stats and data system.

1- Laser line up line

2- First down laser line (visible lasers or laser used invisibly for delineation)

3- monitor the players

4- monitor the ball

5- monitor the goal line

6- monitor the ground

7- monitor flag set locations in real-time

8- monitor the goal posts for high kicks

9- monitor the fields boundaries 100 yards long x 53.3 yards across


a. Shortens the game time for networks lead in shows.

b. Know exactly where the first down, the players and the ball is at all times.

c. Enhanced fan experience.

d. Player safety, prevent head, back and neck injuries.

e. Accurately and quickly place ball after every play.

f. Stats from the system are priceless to teams, players, fans, leagues and networks.

g. Benefits players coaches, officials, networks, fans in the stadium and fans at home.

Inventor is Alan Amron.

United States Patent #11,253,768 issued 2022, is owned by Enhanced Fan Experience, Incorporated.

President of Enhanced Fan Experience Incorporated is Philip Josephson, Esq.

Doing business as First Down Laser Line.

Head of Laser engineering, technology and systems development is Alex Hay.

Head of stadium Laser technicians, and implementation is Tyler LeDent.

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